Upcoming Events

Kaldorness Arts and Sciences Weekend

August 10 to August 12, 2018

Canton of Kaldorness

Marshall Farms
58892 Saulser Rd.
St. Helens, OR 97051

​This is Year 3 of our fun little weekend.  Please come join us for some fun and learning.

We will be posting a list of classes soon with our pre-registration.  

Please stay tuned.

Founding Revel

February 24, 2018

March 24, 2018

Many are the names who serve Her Excellency through the Order of Sergeantry and the Order of Courtier.
Those looking to test their mettle and join these Orders will need to pass through the trials.
Candidates must have petitioned the Baroness for permission to participate in these trials, and must prepare to participate in a day of testing.
Candidates will be tested on fighting, dancing, history, heraldry, armor, games, service, and courtly behaviors.
Current and former members of these Orders, as well as any and all who would like to help, are welcome to join us for the day to assist in the testing.
This years feast is completely potluck. Please bring a dish to feed 10 people per each adult.

The Noble Barony of Stromgard invites one and all to join us in celebration of our founding. The day will be filled with fun, family activities, an auction, and feasting as well as the fierce and unique StormMaker Tournament to choose Stromgard's next Arts and Sciences Champion.

​Camas Community Center
1718 SE 7th Ave
Camas, WA 98607

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Monthly Meetings
Our August monthly business meeting will held on Thursday August 29th at 7 pm at the Scappoose public library, 52469 SE 2nd Street, Scappoose ,OR 97056

If you have any questions about meeting times or places please email the web minister at Kaldorness@gmail.com .

Monthly meeting Notes

Attendance:  Talia, Asa H, Gustaf, Mornita, Hugh, Muireann, Alexandria, Robert Flood, Eglentyne Merryweather, Frances Flood, Asa Chase, Appoline, Ora
Start time 7:05  En time 8:15
At Scappoose Public Library
Notes by Alexandria
Next meeting :  July 25th at the Klondike Restaurant in St. Helens
Aug Meeting:  Scappoose Library Aug 29
Officer Reports in
Introductions - visitors from Rivers Bend
Kingdom needs locals for retinue
Updates for move to Shirehood
  Please look at the customary for the July meeting!
Old Business:  The fundraiser garage sale raised 339 dollars for the shire.  Move to add another to the calendar for September in the same location.
Fred Meyer Update:  working on getting us added to rewards points.  Amazon is a no since we need a separate EIN which we dont have.
Workshop Weekend is coming Aug  4- 6.  Advertising on lists again.   Send out menu to list.  Need bricks for the oven
Demo event:  September at Columbia City.  Will need to create eric ropes.  Gustaf and Mornita are heading this up.  Think of ideas for Arts activities for the booth.  Need slick hand outs too...
Honor Feast update
Group camp discussed and finalized
Stormgods:  Mornita will create a biffy sign for Workshop weekend.
July 30th Workshop weekend online registration closes. 
July 31 2nd Quarter reports are due.
Hugh and Muireann need help for 2 workdays July 15 and July 29 getting the site ready for Workshop Weekend.
Rivers bend invites everyone to William Tell! 
Meeting closed.